Friday, August 11, 2006

Did Hugh Thompson receive the same treatment

Articles like this make me wonder if all of the Professional Military Education instructors fed us a hypocritical pant load of while teaching us the "Law of Armed Conflict" classes. Question is, would they do the right thing like this guy and CWO Thompson, or be good Germans like the good people of Cumberland and his fellow GIs.
Before we go on, let me point out a few historical facts:
The war crimes tribunals held through out the Pacific after WW2, Japanese camp guards were executed for treating their prisoners in the exact same fashion
Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11
Iraq was no threat to us or anyone else
Cheney lied when he connected Iraq to Al Qada
He lied when he denied it
Bush lied (or more likely, blindly parroted what others told him) about everything

Excite News - GI Who Exposed Abu Ghraib Feared Revenge

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